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Redirection for Contact Form 7, with Conditional Actions management, extends the basic contact form 7 functionality and allows you to add submission actions to your forms:

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    Action System

    The new and improved Submission Action System is how redirection for contact form 7 processes submission data.

  • 2

    Submissions Actions

    Submission Actions are like modules which can be added to each form.

  • 3

    Actions and Forms

    You can add multiple actions to a single form or a single action can be added to any form.

  • 4

    Form Functionalities

    Each action will define the form functionalities from saving the submitted data to a remote API to selling your products via paypal.

  • 5

    Save Time

    Save development time, effort and money with a wide range of solutions for your forms.

What our users say

Look what our clients think about using our plugin and extensions

Thank you. This makes it so much easier to track conversion in GA. We love the seamless functionality with CF7’s form settings.


Works like a dream and the price is unbeatable!


Sure glad this plugin exists! Thank you.


    Without this plugin it’s a pain to get conversion tracking working properly in 3 x analytics. With it it’s easy. Used on many sites – no issues or incompatibility with other plugins.


    Works exactly as intended, easy to use and understand. Customer service was very helpful. Thank you.


    This is a very useful, well done and reliable plugin. It is quite flexible, even in the free version. I used it for years on a lot of sites.


    Your plugin solves many daily problems with an easy and efficient way!
    Keep up the good work!

    Powering 200,000+ websites with rating!

    Why People Love Our Plugin

    Look what our clients think about using our plugin and extensions

    Easy Install

    Install is easy and intuitive.
    Takes no longer than 5 min.


    We provide support with any issue you might have.


    Plugin is flexible and multipurpose.

    Easy Connection

    Super easy connection to any website you use.
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